Avenger E-Mic - Facemask microphone


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Avenger E-Mic - Facemask microphone
Part Number: AV20

The AV20 E-Mic is a new face mask electret microphone and quick disconnect speaker assembly have been developed to easily interface with the C50, FM50, (JSGPM), FM53 Masks to virtually any handheld two way portable radio. The frequency response of the AV20 E-Mic has been tailored specifically for use inside a facemask eliminating the "Darth Vador effect" and greatly increasing intelligibility, important for digital radios. The AV20 E-Mic plugs into the mask's built in pass through connector and mates with our low profile AV21 or AV22 A5 connector on the exterior of the mask. Once connected to the mask the down lead with either Quick Disconnect or TP120 NATO connector interfaces with any of the Avenger SingleCom PTT adapters. Additionally if no radio interface is necessary, an interface cable for the standalone AVVA Avenger Voice amplifier is available. The unique ability to interchange communication options without removing the mask make this perfect for multi role deployment. The modular configuration makes communication components easily field replaceable and interchangeable.

Manufacturer Avenger

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