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  MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X hearing protection headset dot

MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X

Part # 75302-X
Approx Weight 2 lbs
Colour Shown OD Green cups, Camo headband cover
Contents MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X headset, AUX audio lead, 2 x AAA batteries and instructions
Dispatch Time 3-5 days


Discounted Extras:

Add GEL Earmuff Seals - MSA Sordin Supreme Pro + ($ 36.00 $ 41.00)
Add Peltor EVP - Extreme Vision Protection + ($ 42.00 $ 52.95)
Add Headset kit bag - SRS Tactical + ($ 39.00 $ 46.00)

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MSA Sordin Supreme top model. Optimized hearing with high amplification. Fully waterproof microphones. AUX-inlet and waterproof battery compartment. Slim design cups for both right and left handed shooters. OD Green cups with camouflage headband cover.

Perfect compliments to »MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X


  • Two separate, waterproof microphones with excellent sound quality and perfect directional hearing
  • Rated for 300 hours of battery life from 2 x AAA batteries
  • AUX input (3.5mm) for connection to hunting radio, dog tracking devices, CD players. Mono cable included
  • Waterproof battery compartment. Flexible and shape-stable headband
  • 5 years warranty on electronics
  • NRR rating - 18dB


How to change your earseals
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1. Nicholas P 27 Oct 2013 

They work as advertised while allowing normal hearing. Good customer service with fast shipping. Highly recommend gel seals, worth the money.
5 star

2. Joe P 05 Sep 2013 

These really do put Pro Ears Gold to shame! I was very impressed with the sound, and the comfort of the Pro-X MSA's. Hands down worth every penny!
5 star

3. Kelly K 09 Aug 2013 

These ears are a must have for any kind of shooting. Or any kind of loud environment. SRS shipped extremely quick and I am as happy as can be about this purchase. Don't wait. The sooner you get these the sooner you will be happy. The gel earmuff seals are definitely worth it as well.
5 star

4. Keith 09 Mar 2013 

Great product, very durable and comfortable with the gel inserts. The only reason i dont give 5 stars is because the aux audio volume is very low. One of the reasons i got these is to wear while i mow the lawn, but hooked to my iPhone with the volume all the way up on both devices i can barely hear the music. Other than that, money well spent.
4 star

5. PATRICK 17 Oct 2012 

5 stars for the headphones and for SRS Tactical's quick delivery. These ears are amazing. They're very comfortable (I got the gel earcups, which I highly recommend). The microphones pick up and amplify the tiniest of sounds. I tested them in my open floor plan office, and I could hear one of my coworkers typing from about 20 feet away. My mouse clicks and typing sounded like a loud old typewriter. The sound compression is impressive and doesn't cut out the ambient noise below 82db. My only complaint is that when I took them to the range, EVERYONE wanted to try them out.
5 star

6. Moose 09 Oct 2012 

Great ears - snug fit and amazing audio. SRS Tactical shipped extremely quick too. Highly recommended.
5 star

7. Bill 19 Apr 2012 

These Supreme Pro-X's are incredible! I can not believe the difference these make, from my previous (other brand). And let me tell you, I never thought I'd spend this amount of $, but I am most certainly glad I did. I opted for the gel earmuffs, by far the most comfortable hearing preotection I have ever owned\used. The fact that SRS ensures these are operational before they ship, is another huge +. Great Cust Serv and a GREAT set of hearing protection shipped quickly, is A+ with me! Thank you SRS.
5 star

8. David E 19 Aug 2011 

I bought these based on a friend's recommendation and they are fantastic. At first I was sorry I couldn't find them on the West Coast, but the service from SRS Tactical was so fast that they arrived all the way from Florida in time for me to take them to the range for a full day of pistol, rifle, and shotgun. I bought the gel ear cups and recommend them highly. I wore them all day and didn't feel any of the squeezing pain near the temples that my Pro Ears give me. I like the AAA batteries and the waterproof battery compartment. The controls are easy. The sound quality is excellent and they worked well enough to protect me from the loud blast of my buddy's muzzle break. Firing an AR-15 is loud, but not loud enough to cause discomfort or be a problem. I can't recommend them highly enough. Money well spent.
5 star

9. Jon J 04 Apr 2011 

Ordered the MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X and they shipped the next day. Outstanding sound quality and directional hearing. The sound compression technology is amazing, it works. Perfect for the range and hearing commands from the RO. and with the amplification turned up I can hear EVERYTHING, 4x amplification on these babys. I opted for the gel seals although the seals they come with are quite nice too, excellent sealing, very comfortable. All in all, I am impressed with this product, sure these things are pricey, but my hearing is worth it. and its the type of product that will make you feel good every time you put them on. Should be the last set of ears I ever need. I am also very pleased with SRS Tacticals service and prompt shipping. Glad we found you. Thank you SRS Tactical
5 star

10. Jodi B 29 Jan 2011 

AWESOME! I purchased these as a gift for my boyfriend. I was tired of watching him remove his ears at the range when acting as RM or CRO, because he couldn't hear the conversation. I was sold on the lower profile they offer and I splurged for the gel cups as well and he loves them. The microphones & battery compartment are waterproof, the sound quality is great! The headset blocks out damaging noises without any interferrence with audio commands or conversations you will forget you are listening through ear protection. They work exactly as advertised. You will not be dissapointed!
5 star

11. SLin 28 Jan 2011 

These are the best electronic hearing protection I've used for being able to hear the surrounding area. I've run Peltors 7S in the past, but the thing that annoyed me was the cut out of the mics when talking to someone at the range. Even worse, when talking to instructors during training classes. These don't fully cut out the sound so you can actually have a conversation with someone while people are shooting around you. The other thing I liked about these is that they are low profile. The Peltors were so wide that if I'm not paying attention, or rushing through a drill, the ear piece can lift up as I pressed into the stock. The MSA doesn't have the best hearing rating protection, but since I always double up on foam ear protection, it works good for me. The amplification is enough to by pass the 2ndary foam hearing protection so I can talk with people. Just note that the Peltors had no issues in volume level as well. Just also thought to share that SRS Tactical is a good place to buy these. The employee (possibly owner) helped me out to select the right pair. (I'm a online customer and no knowledge or affiliation with SRS Tactical)
5 star

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