Traffic Wand - for Fenix Flashlights - AOT

Traffic Wand for Fenix Flashlights - AOT

As low as $4.00

Fenix traffic wands can convert your flashlight into a glowing red high-visibility wand. It's the best option for emergency situations and traffic control.

Traffic wands come in 3 different sizes:

Small: Compatible with Fenix - E21, E25, LD10, LD12, LD20, LD22, PD12, PD22, PD22UE, PD32, PD35, UC40, UC40UE

Medium: Compatible with Fenix - TK09, TK10, TK11, TK12, TK15, RC10

Large: Compatible with Fenix - E40, E50, LD41, PD40, TK22, TK22 (2014 ed.), RC15

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  • Premium material for optics and high temperature durability
  • Easy attachment and operation
  • Made of PC 2805 plastic, anti impact and anti heat compressive resistant, super durable, also known as bulletproof-plastic
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