Flashbang Grenade Trigger Pouch for CTS 7290 mini

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Flashbang Grenade Trigger Pouch for CTS 7290 mini
Flashbang Grenade Trigger Pouch for CTS 7290 mini
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Flashbang Grenade Trigger Pouch – CTS 7290 (Mini), Made of a composite of materials, which makes the Trigger Pouch durable and safe. One handed operation, fast extraction.

Developed by Advanced Combat Solutions (A.C.S. INDUSTRIES), leading the industry in innovative, practical gear applications, the Advanced Combat Solutions Flash-Bang Trigger Pouch is a simplified method for safe, rapid, and efficient grenade carry and operation.  This quick-release, rigid grenade carrier enables safe, one-handed grenade extraction and detonation, contrary to the time consuming and complicated soft pouch carriers.  An exceptional and unique solution to address serious safety issues in various grenade handling, the ACS Trigger Pouch has 7 safety mechanisms making it the safest pouch available.


  1. Select strategic area for placement on the vest (consider optimal placement for dominant hand).
  2. Insert the upper pouch clips behind three vest strips (clips can also be inserted between the stitches) – upper pouch clips will fit through the first two strips and touch the top of the third strip.
  3. To fit the bottom pouch clips under the third vest strip, pull the pouch downwards beyond the second level of vest strips and insert the lower pouch clips behind the third level of vest strips. Once inserted, pull the pouch upwards for final placement on the pouch.
  4. Lock the upper clips into place – the upper pouch clips click into place.
  5. Ensure that the Trigger Pouch is locked with the safety catch.

Loading The Trigger Pouch

  1. Open the top cover
  2. For CTS and Safariland with safety clip – release the pull ring from the clip
  3. Thread string through pull ring.
  4. For CTS and Safariland – thread string through pull ring twice where the ring is widest
  5. Take care not to pull the pull ring during loading
  6. Insert the grenade in the Trigger Pouch; make sure the safety lever (spoon) is secured within the lever protection
  7. Before closing the top cover, ensure that the pull ring is hidden between the grenade and the back of the pouch.
  8. Close the top cover.
  9. Thread the pull string onto the hook on the back of the Trigger Pouch, make sure it is secure.
  10. Lock the buttons by clicking up the safety catch.

Operating Instructions

  1. Wrap hand around the grenade placing fingers on the side buttons.
  2. Click down safety catch, pressing the side buttons simultaneously.
  3. Wrap fingers around the grenade – ensuring you’re holding the lever.
  4. Pull the grenade away from the Trigger Pouch in one strong and smooth pull – keeping the grenade level with the pouch

General Precautions

  1. When attaching the Trigger Pouch to the vest make sure the connectors are secured and locked.
  2. When threading the pull string do not pull the ring.
  3. Make sure that the safety catch is facing up and locks the buttons.
  4. Do not block the top cover.
  5. When extracting the grenade from the Trigger Pouch ensure that your hand is wrapped around the lever (spoon).
  • As soon as the grenade is pulled from the device without the pull ring it is activated and ready to be thrown.


  1. Do not clean the Trigger Pouch when a grenade is in it.
  2. The Trigger Pouch should be cleaned after use with pressurized air, damp rag or running water (under tap).
  3. Do not use any cleaning agents other than water.
  4. Do not cut or make any change to the Trigger Pouch.

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