Hunter SMART Bluetooth Active Headset

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Hunter SMART Bluetooth Active Headset

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Hunter SMART Active Communications Headset
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The Hunter SMART offers active hearing protection, Bluetooth connectivity to smartphones, a retractable microphone and 3.5mm outlet for connecting to a hunting radio. This headset allows for use of replaceable AAA batteries, or can be upgraded to rechargeable batteries and charged through the headset using a micro USB connector. The Hunter SMART also features Individual volume control for the left and right channel, allowing the user to maximize abeint sound and communications.

The ambient sound is neutral and comfortable with the possibility to amplify. The smartphone connection with mobile phone is controlled on the headset so that the phone can be in the backpack or pocket. On the headset you control answer/hang-up, play/pause of streaming content as well as connection. The retractable microphone has wind noise reduction for high call quality output in windy outdoor situations. The hunting radio has the highest priority and is always heard, also operating on a speaker separate to the batteries which will be powered by the radio. The smartphone implementation and the 3 AAA batteries give +50h hours of continues music streaming. 


Technical specifications:

  • >180 hours surround >50h streaming to smartphone
  • Power supply: 3 pcs AAA batteries (alkaline/rechargeable Ni-MH)
  • Charging outlet USB Micro-B, 5V/500mA (same as Android mobile phone)
  • Audio outlet: 3.5mm (mono)
  • Classification: EN 352-4
  • Weight: 370 gram including battery


  • Active hearing protection
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity to smartphones
  • Retractable microphone3.5mm outlet for connecting to hunting radioAmplification of ambient sounds
  • highly precise directional sound detection
  • Protection against impact noises
  • Comfortable for long periods
  • Stylish and robust for industrial environments
  • Water Resistant – IP54
  • Easy operation 

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TLDR It's the cheapest of it's kind, and it's better than all of it's competitors. Trust me on this one.
1. Most headsets that compare to this are anywhere from 500$-2300$. The sole exception of course being the 3M Peltor WS100 which is what I will be comparing this too.

2. This headset has a distinct advantage over all of it's higher end competitors. You have direct access to charge your rechargeable batteries from the headset. You get about 50 hours of Bluetooth streamed music, for a 4 hour recharge. Eneloop 4th gen batteries Ni-MH 1.2 volt are recommended. Ebay tends to have the best price on these. You can keep it charged as well with a USB battery pack direct which is helpful for camping. (Keeps the load light.)

3. The Hunter Smart has passive bypass to audio. That's right the 3M Peltor has nothing on this. You can run music and your radio through the aux cord when the headset is completely dead and the speakers will still work.

4. Speaking of which, this headset also has another one up from the WS 100 in that the microphone is completely retractable, you can pull it out with ease. That way it doesn't make people think you're weird running around with a giant microphone sticking out of your face for no reason.

5. Did I mention this headset actually has what it claims. Long battery life. The surround sound alone lasts 120 some hours.

6. This thing has a decent water seal. I'm not going to say go dip it in a lake, but it can handle a lot of rain over your head just fine, and for military it will handle a watertight bag just fine. Condensation doesn't bother it. This headset definitely has decent military application. As an aircraft mechanic myself it'll even plug into airplane Bluetooth and Aux stereos. This little device has it all.

Cons: The headset can feel a little tight at times. Honestly the only major downside is the music doesn't have 7.1 surround sound, but it's better quality than the 3M Peltor WS100 in my opinion. The only thing the 3M Peltor has over the Hunter Smart is that it has direct volume control for your music as well as the ability to skip music. The Hunter Smart still has the ability to play/pause, just not skip or directly control music volume from Bluetooth access. I look forward to newer generations of this product having it.

Note: My first headset I had ordered was a lemon, so make sure you check your headset for USB charging, dead speakers, and Bluetooth feedback. I'd recommend letting SRS take a look at the headset before they send it to you to save time and money. (That's the benefit of ordering from SRS.)
Review by Raptary / (Posted on 11/1/2016)

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