Ops-Core AMP Downlead Cable

Ops-Core AMP Downlead Cable

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Downlead cables connect to the Ops-Core AMP using a Fischer connector on the headset end and terminate in either a U174-format connector (TP-120) for most PTTs commonly in military or LE use such as Peltor, Avenger or TEA U94 PTTs, or an Amphenol format connector used with the Ops-Core PTT Adapters. (PTT's sold separately)

Downlead Types:

  • Mono Binaural: Sends a mono audio signal to both earcups (left and right)
  • Monaural: Sends a mono audio signal to the earcup that it is plugged into ONLY (US/NATO wired)
  • Stereo: Sends independent audio signals to left and right earcup when used with a stereo dual channel PTT adapter


  • Connects AMP Communication Headsets to various push-to-talk, intercom, and radio options.
  • Provides high quality, environmentally sealed connection points.
  • Dimensions: 21" or 27"
  • Immersion: IPX7
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