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MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X hearing protection headset

Product Review (submitted on April 2, 2018):
I've only had these a couple of weeks, so no long term use.
I'm the full time, principal firearms instructor for an LE agency and have been using Howard Leight's for several years.
Those work well, but I wanted something with more, long term protection that was also more comfortable for long term wear.
The Sordin's fill all of that and more. The gel ear seals are amazing and lose none of their protection when worn with glasses. The headband is comfortable, but wish the top had some velcro to attach a nametape, easily fixed though.
I keep the volume as low as possible, so as best to replicate sounds as if I wasn't wearing them. Anything louder, allows all of the surrounding noises to be significantly amplified, which can become distracting. They certainly soften gunfire, much more so than the Howards.
We'll see this summer as the temps rise, how they react and if they feel hotter than the Howards.