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The Slickster Concealable Plate Carrier Vest

Product Review (submitted on October 15, 2018):
Two things I like about the Slickster. The price and the velcro front. You can run it slick if you want to and then run a mag pouch on it whenever needed. All of this has been said before.

About the price - you still likely add mag pouches so that's an extra 175 from Haley (for the d3crm with insert) or 75 from Ferro (for the Kwick Triple Shingle). Plus cash for shoulder straps.

The Armatus II PC is probably the better value. Crye JPC 2.0 (for the velcro front also) is a strong contender. But still it's an argument of who's tied for first.

JPC 2.0 and Armatus II have a drag handle. Slickster does not.

As for SRS customer service - five stars all the way. Buy here!