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MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X - OD Green Cups, Camo Headband

Product Review (submitted on October 24, 2014):
These are the best electronic hearing protection I've used for being able to hear the surrounding area. I've run Peltors 7S in the past, but the thing that annoyed me was the cut out of the mics when talking to someone at the range. Even worse, when talking to instructors during training classes. These don't fully cut out the sound so you can actually have a conversation with someone while people are shooting around you. The other thing I liked about these is that they are low profile. The Peltors were so wide that if I'm not paying attention, or rushing through a drill, the ear piece can lift up as I pressed into the stock.

The MSA doesn't have the best hearing rating protection, but since I always double up on foam ear protection, it works good for me. The amplification is enough to by pass the 2ndary foam hearing protection so I can talk with people. Just note that the Peltors had no issues in volume level as well.

Just also thought to share that SRS Tactical is a good place to buy these. The employee (possibly owner) helped me out to select the right pair. (I'm a online customer and no knowledge or affiliation with SRS Tactical)