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Sordin Supreme Pro - OD Green Cups, Leather Headband

Product Review (submitted on October 24, 2014):
I've owned the MSA Sordinmodel 75302 since early 2004, when I purchased a set in Falun, Sweden while on business there. They have served me well in my shooting hobby and dutifully provide excellent coverage for my ears, comforatable all day wearability, and provide excellent communications ability with great audio.

Batter life has been good, and using quality brand AAA batteries I have not had any issues, unlike my older pair of Peltors that apparently eat batteries.

Shooting in calibers from 22 LR to .50 BMG, I'm happy with the sound suppression, though due to my shooting position with the M82A1 when shooting .50 BMG, I augment the MSAs with soft plugs since I push the shooting side ear piece up while assuming my shooting position.

A great product and I'm glad SRS provides replacement parts, since I recently broke a slider due to the tight fit in my range bag--first issue in 8+ years.

I will buy another pair if I need a replacement (maybe to provide a hand-me-down).