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MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X - Black Cups, Black Headband

Product Review (submitted on October 24, 2014):
I received an Email asking me to post a review. I normally ignore such automated requests but I cannot for this item if it helps others in two minds like I was. I was at a three gun event with the cheaper commonly popular electronic earmuffs. When guns are firing on the other stations I could not hear because they would constantly clip. As a result it was awkward not being able to hear range commands. The amplification was so bad that it was disorienting and the muffs were adding excruciating pressure on my head. A few days after the event I had temporary hearing difficulties that lasted for a week which I believe is the result of the poor amplification because I had them turned up to max volume otherwise I couldn't hear when they clipped.

The MSA Sordin earmuffs addressed all of the shortcomings of the cheaper muffs period and added a few others that I wouldn't have realized. Make no mistake they are not cheap and as a person who was trying to cheap out I learned a valuable lesson not to be repeated again. I'm now wearing them when I operate my lawn equipment and power tools. Better late then never and I felt obligated to post this review.