Sordin Supreme Pro-X/L - Ember Cups, Black Leather Headband

Sordin Supreme Pro-X/L - Ember Cups, Black Leather Headband

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Sordin Supreme Pro X is developed to conform to international MIL-specifications and other extreme conditions. Excellent digital sound reproduction.

The Supreme Pro-X is Sordin’s flagship hearing protector for hunting and shooting, effectively protects your hearing against rifle shots and other harmful noise – while allowing you to pick up ambient sound clearly and naturally. The surrounding sound is registered by microphones mounted on each cup and reproduced by internal speakers. You can therefore talk to people right next to you in a normal voice without removing your hearing protector – even with shooting going on around you.

The digital electronic design of the Sordin Supreme Pro-X is based upon Sordins own ASIC* circuit and controlled by a micro-processor. This makes it possible to combine very low current consumption with high performance which in turn offers up to 600 hours of battery life on 2 AAA batteries.

Low profile design

The slim, chamfered cups are specifically designed for rifle and shotgun use, allowing a good cheek weld without interference with the cup. This, coupled with the headband design also allows the headset to be worn under ballistic helmets.

Helps to assess both distance and direction

Game animals have always been a step ahead thanks to their extraordinary senses. Now, you can turn hearing to your advantage. The electronics in Supreme Pro-X is so advanced, it allows you to turn up the volume high to precisely locate your prey, without experiencing disturbing noise. In addition, Supreme Pro-X is so fast you can hear the echo of your own shot, while safely protecting your hearing from the shot itself.

Natural sound profile

Conversely, if you turn down the volume, you’ll experience audio reproduction so natural you’ll forget you’re wearing a hearing protector at all. The ambient sound reproduction sounds exactly as it does without your hearing protector on, as do people talking around you. No more artificial sound image, known to often be the case with electronical hearing protectors. So, you can comfortably keep your Supreme Pro-X on all day.

AUX input

The Pro-X headsets are equipped with a 3.5mm auxiliary input for connection to external devices. The included 3.5mm stereo - mono cable can be used for connecting a speaker microphone to the headset for monitoring radio communications.

5-Year Warranty on headset electronics

Warranty serviced directly by us at our locations in the US and Canada. View our service page for details: Service

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*Application Specific Integrated Circuit

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  • Microphone positioning provides excellent stereo sound reproduction of ambient sounds
  • High amplification and natural sound reproduction without chopping and cutting out
  • Rated for 600 hours of battery life from 2 x AAA batteries
  • 2 hour remote shut-off and low battery warning system
  • All electronic functions incorporated in a slim 3 button key-pad
  • The reproduced sound is limited to 82 dB(A) equivalent sound level
  • AUX input for connection of external radios and mobile phones - Mono cable included
  • Waterproof battery compartment. Flexible and shape-stable headband.
  • NRR rating - 18dB
  • 5-year warranty on headset electronics

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